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Energy Storage System


United Kingdom_2MWh_Date: May 2022

Netherlands_180KWh_Date: Feb 2021


France_22KWh_Date: Jun 2022

Belgium_1.6MWh_Date: Jun 2022


PV Cable Wiring Solution For All Solar Systems 
Installers and plant operators around the world rely on Leader solar system components. Worldwide, in 2021 our products have successfully connected more than 6.8 GW PV output.
Solar Connector

1500V solar connector types manufacturer for PV cable 

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solar panel cable connectors

UL solar panel cable connectors for 14/12/10 AWG PV wire

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solar branch connector

solar branch connector parallel connection of solar panels

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solar fuse holder

TUV UL Approved solar fuse holder 20A 1500V for PV systems

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solar diode

2000V 55A inline solar diode with Photovoltaic connectors

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solar wire harness

solar wire harness wiring solar panels in series parallel 3 in 1

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